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Using MVC JsonResult: Data not returned to JS

I’m trying to return a list of tasks to JS using JsonResult. The rendering of my page is correct, but the Json result is not returning any data. If I return it as an HTML string it renders correctly, so I don’t think the problem is with my use of JsonResult. Here’s what I have:
public JsonResult GetTaskLists()
var context = new MyEntities();
var fullRecords = context.Tasks.ToList();
var jsonRecords = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(fullRecords, Formatting.Indented);
return Json(jsonRecords);


The syntax is incorrect, just change your return line to this:
return Json(new {id = fullRecords.ID, taskList = jsonRecords});


Possible to get jsoup to save my code to a file?

I’ve been using jsoup to scrape a few sites. It appears that whenever I run my program, it outputs all of the code to a file. Is there any way I can make it save the code to file after I’ve run it? If not, is there another option that could allow this?
I am using the most basic code (only the code that I need for the test class). I just need my final output to be saved to a file.
import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
import org.