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Smirnov () is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Alexander Smirnov (born 1994), Russian football player
Andrey Smirnov (born 1947), Russian historian and politician
Andrei V. Smirnov (born 1963), Russian economist
Boris Smirnov (born 1986), Russian tennis player
Dmitry Smirnov (born 1976), Russian ice hockey goaltender
Dmitry Dmitrievich Smirnov (born 1954), Russian diplomat
Emil Smirnov (born 1959), Estonian diplomat and politician
Galina Smirnova (born 1950), Russian sprinter
Garry Smirnov (1913–1994), Australian murderer
Gennady Smirnov (born 1961), Russian painter and sculptor
Georg Smirnov (1889–1944), Soviet politician and military commander
George Smirnov (1879–1920), Russian composer and conductor
Grigory Smirnov (born 1995), Russian ice hockey player
Inna Smirnova (born 1968), Ukrainian actress
Larisa Smirnova (born 1945), Soviet sprint canoer
Mikhail G. Smirnov (born 1975), Russian mathematician and computer scientist
Nikolai Smirnov (born 1991), Belarusian chess grandmaster
Svetlana Smirnova (born 1967), Belarusian sprint canoer
Tatyana Smirnova (born 1985), Russian sprint canoer
Yevgeniya Smirnova (born 1990), Russian footballer

See also
Smirnov Mathematical Society, Ukrainian mathematical society
Smirnov test, one of the statistical tests

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