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Cluckles’ Adventure is a highly playable arcade puzzle platformer.
It features 108 challenging levels filled with delightful pixel art, challenging puzzles and secret areas. Cluckles will have to solve several puzzles using her trusty sword to set out on her adventure and rescue the stolen chicks. Can she get them all back before the evil minions find and destroy them all?
Cluckles’ Adventure is available for purchase on Steam.
Buy it now for $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.99.
For free players, an in-game tutorial and gameplay tips can be found on the Cluckles Community Hub.
It’s up to you to save the stolen chicks and clear Cluckles’ Adventure
5/5 stars:
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(c) SN Interactive
All Rights Reserved
Cluckles’ Adventure Website:
Intro song:
“Signals” by Apollonia 6 –
Album :
“Cluckles Jumps Adventure” –
3D Model by RampaJ:
Cluckles and Tails Characters:


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer: Play with your friends or strangers. Compete for the best score!. Show off and humiliate your opponents
  • Minimal Speech Syncs: No need to clap or wave. Feel free to focus all your attention on your enemies.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Play with your friends and strangers on your PC or Mac, Android, iOS or even your TV. That’s right! Thanks to our amazing Unity 3D Engine, iOS and Android users can now take part in the games as well!


Muse Dash – Just As Planned Free Download 2022 [New]

Elite Training Studios presents a fast paced 3rd person action game with realistic physics and a heavy emphasis on advanced movement and full body combat. The game is inspired by classics such as Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive but takes it’s cues from films like Kill Bill and The Raid.

The debut title from Elite Training Studios, DEAD or ALIVE: REIGN OF KINGS is the first game in a planned franchise of hyper action fighting games set in 20XX.

Dead or Alive: Reign of Kings features intense, stylish gameplay throughout with bone-crunching combos, stylish swordplay, air combos and character specials.

Key Features:

– An original story based on the popular World of Ninja series, adapted by the creator of the Bloody Roar manga series.

– New characters.

– Epic Storyline.

– New fighting styles.

– Unique Super Combos that earn you characters, powers, and optional costumes.

– Full Body Attacks for all characters.

– Realistic combat physics and the return of the X-reflex system.

– Cardboard box art and full theme music.

– The creators of the popular Bloody Roar manga series is lending his artistic expertise to the game art as well.

How to purchase:


Hello everybody.

We are a new indie development studio based in northern Finland and who have already released a couple of games. We have decided to give the players a chance to try out our game on a discount basis (50% off of the regular price) as a thank you for all the interest we have received from this community.

We’ve made this title available for you today as the feedback we have received so far has really been positive and we feel that we have something special to offer with this title.

Our hope is that you will have a blast playing the game in its current state and invite your friends to join you as well and support us as we keep pushing forward, creating more content and finishing this project in a timely manner. This is really important for us and we hope it’s important to you as well.

Now onto more fun stuff. Let’s go!


WASD to move

T to Sprint



Muse Dash – Just As Planned Patch With Serial Key [Updated]

Time out of mind an invisible sword has been wielded by King Arthur. But now King Arthur has died and only an immortal sword was found in his tomb. But the sword is cursed and evil will come if it is kept away. You and your friends are defenders of Arthur’s legendary blade. Beware!Time is running out… Can you withstand the evil power of Time & the magic of the sword?More: Tales is a collection of collectible card games based on old myths and legends from around the world.More:
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Cristina Pramaggiore e Donato Bonantoni sono storie che hanno vissuto da bambini e da adulti e ancora si scoprono l’uno dall’altro, nel dolore della separazione trovano le loro prime parole. Conosciuto come Carlo Praz, lo scrittore ha vissuto dalla fine degli anni Trenta, in un’area turistica di Grosseto, fino all’età di 67 anni. Il suo sogno era di scrivere un romanzo, ma il risultato era un lungo vampiro mesto.
Tutti i suoi libri sono racconti intatti e molto disegnati, che si riescono a dipingere con una certa lucidità nei dettagli; in cui i personaggi di Carlo Praz sono persone dai profondi tratti, malinconi. Lo scrittore ha vissuto un’esistenza rivisitata costantemente da sé stesso, sempre con una scintilla di masochismo nei suoi interventi cialti. Fra i suoi romanzi: Le Radici del Vampirismo, Legge di Sangue, Ammore, Lupina, Il mostro di Alcatraz, i semi di morte, Vento


What’s new:

Storm over the Pacific (, literally The Meteor Storm) was a storm in the mid 1970s that had a major effect on the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. It formed off the coast of Northern California and moved out into the Pacific before making landfall at Central America and northeast Mexico.

The unusual nature of this storm occurred when it contained not only large amounts of vertical wind shear, but it also developed tubular cloud segments. Such processes are predicted to become more common as the world warms, because of factors such as the relative permittivity of the air and the consequent changes to the nature of its heating, and the warming of the stratosphere. The conditions which were present resulted in explosive waves at the lowest levels of the atmosphere. The peak winds in the storm reached in Burkhart, Nebraska. It was remembered for its predominantly left-hand spiral path, unusual for such a vast storm. Storm imagery, taken in 1974, forms a dramatic record of the storm.


The storm was one of a series of tropical cyclones to occur in the Pacific in the mid-1970s, originating over the Aleutian Islands on September 23, lasting until early October 7. A weak cold front coincided with the storm’s southeastward movement and during this, low pressure was evidenced between Hawaii and southern California. Central pressure decreased from on September 28 to on September 30. Atmospheric density increased to an unprecedented level of on September 30, accounting for its low barometric pressure.

A tropical wave was traced back to the equator on September 19 from the Indian Ocean, before it began crossing Central America and eventually forming over the Pacific during September 23. Near the time of the formation of the storm, the Jet stream was brought to the north of a large upper-level trough. The chain of cyclones from Caribbean to Japan was caused by the upper-level trough and the mechanics of it at the lower level was mentioned in Ovsher’s report. The trough crossed over the SSTAs of Hawaii on the 13th of September, which initiated the complex interactions that led to the Storm.

Meteorological Process

The Pacific Ocean itself is very large, in volume it occupies more than 90% of the global ocean, and it exerts a strong influence on weather. The western slopes of the North Pacific Mountains have a buoyancy effect on the air, which also contributes to the development of convection. Troughs and mountain ranges


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Battle robots are a reality in the year 2725. This future vision of the world is ruled over by the OA, an organization that uses large-scale robotic weapons to establish peace and foster the necessary technological progress.
Battle robots are the product of the OA’s military and industrial labs, and their ability to fight other battle robots brings them into the public eye.
Some believe that robots are a threat to humanity and should be destroyed, but others believe that they can be used for better things than being fodder for humans to destroy.
The groups who believe in the potential of battle robots are known as “Private Military Services” (PMS). As “second-generation soldiers,” PMS operatives use battle robots in highly sophisticated combat scenarios to bring down heavily-armed foes.
Facing an enemy that seems unbeatable in times of war, PMS operatives see themselves as the spearhead of a revolution in the use of battle robots, simultaneously creating profits for investors and opening the eyes of the public to new possibilities in the battlefield.
In Yoko, you are Yoko Takano, a rookie PMS operative on your first mission. You will become the last resort for battle robots who face a life-or-death situation.
Fight battles in the streets of Japan, in the jungles of Southeast Asia and over Europe. Observe and test the performance of battle robots in the official “Battle Pod,” a full-scale prototype battle robot available for testing by PMS operatives.
You will be equipped with a powerful weapon and a battle tactic. In addition, you will be able to upgrade your robot and your battle tactics, giving you a unique advantage over the other battle robots and opponents.
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.33GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GTX 560/AMD HD 6970
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
In-game Download: Microsoft Points

1) What would cause a weapon to go into overheat? Is it possible to disable it?2) What kinds of issues are there when you’re trying to power a weapon up. Do you have to run on the batteries alone? What kind of issues can arise if you try to power the weapon up and it’s not full strength? (Think about the fact that most weapons like rockets, heavy machine guns, have limited range and


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