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Edition. This is a special box version of the game which includes
all of the previous DLCs(some of the DLCs include a separate disc as well,
though).When you first meet an aspiring pilot, you would expect to learn about their educational background and their flying experience. After all, someone who’s into flying must be in touch with the sky and we all know that most pilots are passionate about flying. In this post, I’m going to cover the top 10 reasons why you should consider studying aeronautical engineering.

10 Reasons to Study Aeronautical Engineering

1. Getting A Job in Aviation

If your ambition is to get a job in the aviation industry, then there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider studying aeronautical engineering. Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and this means that there are plenty of jobs available.

Here are some of the potential career options that you can look into when studying aeronautical engineering:

pilot or navigator

airport manager

registrar or dispatcher

air traffic controller

airline captain

airplane maintenance technician

airline flight attendant

aircraft maintenance technician

airport security

airline/airplane mechanic

In each of these careers, you will be in charge of organizing and managing the smooth flow of flights all around the globe.

2. Helps You to Understand Flying Machines

It is impossible for anyone to become a successful pilot if he or she does not have the necessary skills to efficiently use and interact with aircraft. We all know that aircraft are complex machines and so, gaining the necessary skills to repair them and keep them in working condition can be quite daunting.

For this reason, most airline pilots receive their training through an apprenticeship program and this is how they begin their journey into the industry.

3. Helps You To Understand Jets, Turbines, and Helicopters

Jets, turbines and helicopters all make up a significant part of the modern-day aviation industry and so, learning about them will put you in a good place when dealing with airlines and air navigation services.

4. Helps You to Understand Engines and Propulsion

If you’re looking to become a pilot, then you’ll need to have a good understanding of the engines that power aircraft. You will need to take full advantage of this knowledge


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    -First-person space simulation.
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    -The Game has 11 Levels of gameplay.
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    -You will complete your mission and earn your badges.

    Things to remember before playing:
    -This game is a first-person space simulator and it does not use third-person perspective.
    -Before playing the game, you should set your display to the full screen mode.
    -Some parts of the game interface are hidden.
    -Thinking is encouraged.

    The game contains 11 levels. The story begins with you on the rocket trip, to the moon. During the trip you will complete your missions and earn your badges. This game is not just a game, it is an education for your heart and mind. It is the beginning of your space travel. You will learn to control your space ship, get your training, work on new and interesting missions.

    The game is based on realistic settings. It will give you an illusion of travelling to the moon and meeting famous rock singer from the 60’s. The gameplay is simple, easy to learn.

    This is definitely a game worth giving a try. Please share your opinion and have fun.

    Reviews”Its made by someone who has spent a long, long time thinking about how to tell linear first-person stories, and who has found a new way to do it better than anyone else.” PC Gamer”Chung spins a memorable yarn, delivers it with confidence and panache, and trusts you to put all the loose ends back together.”- Wired”What’s truly impressive is the narrative weight and emotional impact it delivers in such a short span of time.”- 8/10
    Game “Thirty Flights of


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