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How to check if an Activity is starting with Context.startActivityForResult

I’m writing an Activity that starts several other Activities. After the first one finishes, I want to do some things depending on which one finished.
public class A extends Activity{
protected void onCreate(){
Intent intent = new Intent(this,B.class);

public class B extends Activity{
protected void onCreate(){
Intent intent = new Intent(this,C.class);

public class C extends Activity{
protected void onCreate(){
Intent intent = new Intent(this,D.class);

Now I want to check if A finished, then for B to check for C. If A,B,C are finished, then I want to do something depending on which one finished, and if A,B are finished, I want to do something different than C.
I saw something like this on the first activity, that might work.
public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
else if(requestCode==1)
else if(requestCode==2)

But it doesn’t work, because I have startActivityForResult before onActivityResult


there is no need to set

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Download the latest version of GIS Tools for AutoCAD R8.

Extract the ZIP file you downloaded.

Go to the folder and locate the installer file.

Double click to run the installer.

The setup wizard will open.

Click to proceed.

Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

You will see a new option in the GIS menu: GIS Tools for AutoCAD.

Click on it and use the tools.

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