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The warlike Elden, once the bastion of civilization, are now a nation plagued by wars and strife. Groups of villains known as Demons have been waging war against them, and they have lost countless soldiers to the Demons’ attacks. The Elden, who possess a strength that cannot be compared with that of the Demons, must counter this threat to maintain their order.

One day, as this war rages on, the Elden Emperor, who holds absolute power, suddenly dies. His soul has passed on to the Land Between — a mysterious area where the souls of the dead dwell.

In this land, a series of heroes have come to save the many peoples from being swallowed by Demons, and a battle has begun between them.

Throughout the Lands Between, the heroes have their own stories, their own paths, and their own conclusions.

Now, in the moment of tragedy, the once proud nation of the Elden has crumbled. Under the guidance of the soul of the Emperor, the new Lord of the Elden has appeared — Tarnished, a man who was once a demigod.

Tarnished has always wanted to travel to the Lands Between. At present, the Lords who have come before him are all weak, and the Demon threat is very great, and so he cannot travel to the Lands Between.

However, as he carefully travels to this distant and magical land, he discovers that a deep and mysterious truth lies hidden in the Lands Between.

Is this the reason why there is this pressing need for someone to step in and save the many peoples of the Lands Between?

Join the Elden Ring Game, and help Tarnished, through the Land Between, as he sets out to challenge the Demon threat.

*Supported Systems
PC: Windows (Windows XP or later), macOS (10.6 or later)
Playstation 4: PlayStation®4 system

*Recommended Specifications
Graphics Processor: NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 780 or AMD® Radeon™ R9 290 Series
System Memory: (Memory is required for setting graphics settings)
Memory: At least 1 gigabyte
Hard Disk Space: 10 gigabytes

*Supported language
English: text

■Regarding online play, each online session lasts 3 minutes. During that time, the game may continue to use internet data.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Content Update
    • Find more stories and quests in both the main story and sidequests.
    • Create your own character with the graphics and art style of the Final Fantasy series
    • You will fight all kinds of scary creatures and become a strong swordsman and magic users.
    • Explore countless Worlds and fight many enemy mobs
    • Various Online fun – Raids
    • Tailor your equipment after battle

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    Elden Ring (2022)


    Tarnished.A ‘Black Scale’
    Called an ‘evil treasure’ by the various underworld powers, a certain sinister figure has come to the worlds of Elden. As the heir of the Old Old One, the master of the dark spirit Malcontents, he is taking over worlds and collecting the materials, money, and the power that each of them possess. Even this “Evil of the Word” is a perfect state of matter that grows with chaos, and with the destruction of the spheres and demonic powers that will only grow in the upcoming chaos.

    You are one of the Heroes of the Order of the Elden’s, a group of people who protect the innocent. You’ve been summoned to the twilight world to stop the corruption of the “Black Scale” and the Ancient Old One. But there’s a problem, if only you hadn’t been summoned to this dimensional junkyard, you wouldn’t be here now, and you’d be enjoying the days of your youth.

    This Young Hero of the Elden’s has gotten a brief glimpse of the true world that lies beyond the Depths, and he’s in over his head. What trouble awaits this young hero in this world that he’s never seen before?

    The world of Elden have ruined the harmony of the spheres. All of the other worlds are on the verge of breaking apart. But the true world is in danger, and even if they have set out to rescue the perfect world, the prospect of saving their world is impossible if a crisis occurs before they can respond.

    The world of Elden is full of extravagant jewels and minerals.

    There are many places that you can freely visit in the world of Elden.

    More than 90,000 areas of the world of Elden to explore.

    The locations of the world of Elden are designed beautifully, and you can not only freely move around, but can freely encounter the various beast, demons, and monsters that dwell within.

    The characters of Elden are designed in a stylish, graceful, fashion.

    World map of Elden complete with its numerous locations.


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How to install ELDEN RING game:1. Unrar ELDEN RING.rar2. Burn or mount the image.3. Install the game.4. Copy ELDEN RING /epkg/cdvd/dragons/12.dat & /efs/epkg/cdvd/dragons/d3d/12.dat in folder “12.dat, “12.dat”10. Apply the shortcut.5. And enjoy ELDEN RING.

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1) Download and save them
  • 2) Extract the files

    3) Copy cracked_epas.tpbc to Tarnished.eRun

    4) Unzip Tarnished.eRun to your C:/Program Files (x86)/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/ESOOT/releases/addon_epas/

    5) Run Tarnished.eRun

    6) Enjoy

    Note: Tarnished.eRun & The Elder Scrolls Online The Tarnished Prince will not make any changes to your registry and should not have any conflicts with previous software.


    Compatibility Issues:

    Elder Scrolls Online does not come with an official emulator, so you can not install ESO on a virtual machine. If you want to install it on a virtual machine like CyberLink Virtual PC, the only option for a virtual machine of Windows 7 is to use XP mode. Do not attempt to install the game on a virtual machine with Windows 8 because of incompatibility issues.



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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


    Elder Scrolls Online is in development and this mod may be removed or updated at any time without notice.



    System Requirements:

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