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The enchanted power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen called the mighty “Elden,” has been passed down from one leader to another. At the moment of its power being lost, it causes terrible, mysterious events. The Elden Ring Game brings to life the story of the Elden Ring in the Lands Between. The 12 Masters and their subordinates, the five following them, and their followers are entering the new fantasy action RPG. However, in the midst of all these people, you will discover people who are estranged from the good of the world. They are the ones behind the incidents that have broken the peace. If a balance is not restored, it will cause even greater chaos.
It’s up to you to restore the balance and protect the Lands Between!
A drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

■Game Launch Date
August 28, 2019
(Gamescom 2019, in Europe)
Explore and enjoy a new fantasy action RPG called The Lands Between.

• main character
Kas “Abbe” Gardner
A man with short hair who has lost his memories since childhood.
• secondary characters
David “Dual” Crawford
A professor who seeks answers in the desert by himself.
• Other Characters
Luis “Cazale” Castro
A man who wakes up in the desert on the day of the game’s launch. He seeks information about his past life.
• The 12 Masters of the Lands Between
A vampire who looks like a young man.
A werewolf who has the appearance of a young woman.
Elden Kallara
A mage who holds the secret of the Elden Ring.
A vampire who serves as Zerumban’s bodyguard.
A giant wolf who serves as Irisa’s bodyguard.
A slavelord who has been acting against Zerumban and Irisa.
A coward who expresses disgust for the game and demons.
A professor.
A woman who loves Fenrir.
A werewolf who frees humans from prison
■Development Team

Arc System Works
Arc System Works
■Additional producer
■Project director


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring – The Ancestry and Soul of the Young Elves
  • Elden Lord – Become the Ruler of the Lands Between
  • Fantastic 3D Battle Environment
  • 10 player Co-op Multiverse
  • Achievements
  • A personal battle tower
  • Customizable armor and weapons
  • Discover Upbeat Tracks
  • A Way to Enjoy Magic
  • A Crystal of Adventure in the World of the Elves
  • An Ultralight System
  • High-Quality Content

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    The Sword and the Legend

    The new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring Product Key, released in Japan today on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This review will discuss the game’s unique setting, the story, the characters, and an overview of the gameplay.

    This game is based on a unique setting where you travel through a gigantic, interconnected game world by flying and can freely move around. You can also use various magic, form new weapons, and equip a variety of armor to destroy enemies and explore the world.


    Tough to Lose

    This game’s setting is a fantasy world filled with ancient ruins and places where you can explore. In addition, it was designed to allow many players to play together through network mode and quests. Compared with other games, the total number of players increases as you finish quests, and in this regard, it is different from the environment of other games.


    Designing a world for many

    The game’s setting allows you to freely move around the world. In addition, the “Map View” feature allows you to see the inside of buildings even from afar, and in addition to the map, you can see the names of the various areas and places, making it easy to find your destination in the huge world.


    The game’s design of the network mode and quests is also different. First, you can play single or multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can connect with other people and travel together. In addition, you can go on quests with other players in this mode.

    If you join a quest, you also take part in the quest’s interactions with other people, and depending on how you play the game, you can change the progression of the story.



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    It is “A History of the Bandits”.

    It is “A History of the Bandits”.

    The story of a new fantasy action RPG, the Elden Ring, will be made clear in this


    Elden Ring With Key [Latest-2022]

    1. Character Creation

    2. Legends of the Lost El (LOTLE)

    3. Social LINK feature

    4. Multi-player through the game

    5. Live action movie

    6. Text audio

    7. Complete online novel in illustrated format

    About Tarnished

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Tarnished is a role-playing game for PC (Windows ver. 20.0) developed by Garuda Interactive.

    For the latest information on the game, please visit:

    © DIS/Sega/Garuda Interactive Co., Ltd.


    Elden Ring is an action RPG set in a new world, and you will set forth to become an Elden Lord. In the game, the peace and prosperity of the Elden are broken by demons from another world, and the subworld of the Lost El. As part of the Lost Els “El Soul”, the player will take up the role of Lucid, a warrior who will be faced with countless challenges and mysteries, while using his own wisdom and strength to save the Lost Els.

    Besides being the “Elden Ring”, a mythical gem that gives power to those who have been blessed with the strengths of the Elden Ring, an enigmatic “Power of the Lost El” is given to those who have heart to protect the Lost El. Using the power of the “Lost El”, your character will be able to perform summoning spells to summon your own familiar (a magical creature that assists you in battle) and gain increased strength.

    The game has been funded via Kickstarter. If you have not yet participated in the Kickstarter, you can register to participate at

    In addition to the PCs, each player will be able to have their own familiar, which is a summoning apparition. The familiar will accompany you on your journey, and by raising your familiar’s level, you can enhance its powerful summoning spells. As a summon familiar, the battle begins with your familiar and your own summon familiar in your party. You can even


    What’s new:

    A Pyramid with a castle, surrounding by numerous giant statues.
    Rising up out of the woodland that surrounds it.
    Castle of the five Tier of the Dragon King

    Castle of the Five Tier
    1. Knight’s Temple
    It’s a grand structure made up of the lead of stone circles brought from Earth and the magic of the Dragon King. It plays the role of the defense of the Dragon King. Even if you lose, in the end, you won’t be destroyed. It covers the entire mountain!
    2. Small Chapel
    It has a throne room and a small chapel for the Dragon King and his family. The Dragon King lives here, and often takes rest and begs the Dragon Gods. I am a protector of the Dragon King, and I hang the holy sword “Primordial Zelle” on the desk. My Lord often leaves behind the only alchemy that exists in this world to meditate in solitude.
    3. Hanging Pines Woods
    The pines that cover the mountain are like a tunnel connecting the Dragon King’s castle with the mountain.
    4. Huge Domain
    This place is the most important and valuable land in the land of the dragon. Dragon hunters of all nations attempt to gain its ownership.

    High Plains
    Hajimasa Hanji’s Castle

    Hajimasa Hanji’s Castle

    1. Command Center
    It’s a large complex building.
    2. Garbage dump
    In the center of the castle, there is a huge garbage dump that holds all kinds of trash. It’s the garbage dump that originally held the city of humans. There is even a garbage compactor… which can only be turned on at times!

    3. Ore Stables
    From out of the trash pile, ore was mined.
    4. Ore Mine
    Located in the back of the castle is the ore mine. White and blue ore are mined through here. Although it doesn’t produce much, the main reason for mining this is to discover new weapon techniques!

    5. Fragrant Woods
    Hajimasa Hanji’s castle is built of


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