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The Tianshi Clock is the clock that is designed and committed to the
earthly rotation. All the operations of the timekeeping, bearing and
revolving are carried out synchronously with the earth rotation and the speed
of running time is fast. The speed of rotation of the earth is constant, so
the rotating speed of the sun, the moon, the planets can be known to be
constant, and the days and the years are not changed.
The mechanical gear and the clock hand of the Tianshi Clock are made of
aluminum. The earth rotation speed is sent out by a metal tuning
frequency, the frequency is tuned to the speed of the heart beat of a human
being, the frequency can be used as the second hand of the watch. The
timepiece is specially designed so that its stable time and time counting method
can synchronize with the law of the earth rotation. The clock’s hand runs
synchronously with the law of the earth rotation, and is also synchronous with
the standard time counting system, so that it can have a stable time.
The Tianshi Clock with its stable time can help people to better know the time
and the running speed of the earth. At the same time, it also has the
possibility of correcting the time period error caused by the leap second.
There is a physical origin of time synchronization, the timepieces need to
maintain the accurate running speed of the earth rotation, but the clock hands
only run along the velocity of the earth rotation, so the laws have nothing
connection with the clock hands. It leads to the timepiece of the Tianshi
Clocks wear out quickly, but the running point of the clock hand is always fixed,
that is why the Tianshi Clock is so accurate.
Time period error caused by the leap second:
At present, there is a leap second period error in summer and winter. It
can cause an error of one second in time period counting every day and the leap
second needs to be adjusted according to the frequency of the sun. The leap
second of the Chinese time is determined mainly by the lunar modulation of the
earth-solar standard time. In the fixed calendar, the leap second in the lunar
nodal days are counted with the solar time, i.e., the length of day is determined
by the moon to add leap second into the solar time, so the accumulated time error

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1. The clock has a simple, thin and lightweight structure, small size and good accommodation. It is easy to operate and carry, making it suitable for outdoor use.
2. It is equipped with a high-quality watch movement with a large number of gears, and is adapted to the running law of mechanical gear.
3. It uses the traditional time counting method of 24-solar terms and 72-scale (Chinese traditional calendar), and it has a fixed time-counting rate. The time-counting movement of it can correct its own leap time.
4. It is a combination of Chinese traditional 12-solar term calendar and modern scale time-counting process. It has a storage function for 24-solar terms and 72-scale, and it can store special time accurately.
5. It is the first clock which corrects its own leap time, and it takes into account the motion of earth, stars and moon. It is accurate to 5 s.
6. It is the first clock which can adapt to the motion of earth, stars and moon. It is used for correcting leap seconds and time counting itself.
7. It is the first clock to complete the time correction of the length of day, the length of day, the length of night, leap second, time correction of leap second, and normalize the motion of earth, stars and moon.
8. The Tianshi Clock was developed by Professor Ren Lian of Shandong Life Science Academy. And he was selected as one of the outstanding scientists in the world at the last meeting of IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) held in Stockholm in 2001.
Advantages of Timepiece:
1. Tianshi Clock is designed to have some strong points: following the running law of mechanical gear, accurate time counting, inventing a new type of structure of timepiece gear and time counting method.
2. Tianshi Clock is the first timepiece to complete time correction of leap seconds and time correction of leap second, and it is used for correcting leap second in present time.
3. Tianshi Clock uses the traditional time counting method of 24-solar terms and 72-scale (Chinese traditional calendar), and it has a fixed time-counting rate.
4. It is the first timepiece to correct its own leap time, and it takes into account the motion of earth, stars and moon.
5. Tianshi Clock uses the traditional

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1)Introduction: The universe is the imitation of the center with triangle rotation. It is also its
twin/prototype of the human body. The universe mirrors the heart rhythm, while the human heart is its mirror. So the heartbeat is also the rotation of the
2) Time has already pushed the human races to invent a clock to measure time.
Its clock has different names: sword, button, timeball, and spring clock, etc.
The spring clock has the advantage of being cheap and simple, but the accuracy of such a clock is not good.
The pace of the earth is 6.5 rotations per day, so the best method to keep time is to count the number of
times every day, and this is called the tooth number method, that is to say, time counting method based on the
rotation of the earth.
The difference between this clock and the timekeeping device currently used is that this clock is designed based
on the rotation of the earth, while the current time is just a mechanical thing.
3) About the special timepiece that has the function of keeping time.
Theoretically, the sun and moon are necessary to keep time, and the timekeeper also has an external function,
that is, the scale of the clock. Because the sun and moon are the energies of the day, the sun is a fixed
function, and the moon is a variable function.
The large scale is the fixed function, while the small scale is the variable function. The fixed scale of
the large scale is called the long scale, and the variable scale is called the short scale.
4) The clock is generally divided into two parts:
The fixed scale of the long scale is determined by the rotation of the earth, and the long scale can keep
time accurately without any changes. The long scale is divided into the small scale and large scale.
The variable scale is determined by the change of the long scale to keep time accurately.
The small scale is divided into the hour scale and minute scale.
5) The clock works by way of gear and wheel. The wheel and gear mechanism is the mechanism of
mechanical gear. The gear and wheel is the necessary consequence of time counting. The gear and wheel
is used to be clock. The rotation of the gear and wheel is driving the hands to move forward, which
makes the man feel that the clock has begun to work.
6) The signal that

What’s New In?

The timepiece is composed of two parts: the first is the time counting structure (bearing) and the second is the motion control structure (cyclic motion structure). The structure of time counting is composed of: 1). a glass bell (its thickness is 4.5mm, height is 20mm, and the diameter is 50mm); 2). a crank shaft and motion control of motion; 3). a gear; 4). a motor and 5). control circuit. The time counting structure (bearing) has a protective cover board and a glass bell with a transparent material that is transparent to electromagnetic wave. The motion control structure is composed of a crank shaft, a gear, a motor and a control circuit etc.  These components work with each other to produce cyclic motion. After the clock is completed, it can make the gear to swing between the axis of the crank shaft and the axis of the glass bell according to the time. The motion control of cyclic motion can be realized by motor, motion control components, a control circuit and electronic elements.
Structure of Movement: In order to realize the time counting, the structure of the gear is composed of an outer and an inner circular ring gear. The inner circular ring gear is fixed and the outer circular ring gear is on a vertical rotation axis. The gear structure is divided into three segments:
1). a crank shaft: the crank shaft has a crank axis that is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the gear. The crank axis is formed by a rotation axis of a crank pin, and the crank pin can rotate the outer ring gear.
2). the gear: the gear is also composed of an inner circular ring gear and an outer circular ring gear, the inner circular ring gear is fixed and the outer circular ring gear is on the rotation axis of the crank pin. When the crank pin is moving, the inner and outer circular ring gears rotate on a plane with the same direction while two sides of the gear (the gear located inside and outside the crank pin) move towards each other or away from each other.
3). a motor: the motor can be a small DC motor, high-energy rechargeable battery, wind motor, or a high-speed direct current motor etc. The motor is capable of performing rotation work or reciprocating action of the crank pin.
The operation principle of the action of the gear is: the gear is synchronous with the movement of the crank pin during the rotation of the outer ring gear, and it carries on the crank pin. While

System Requirements For Tianshi Clock:

OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit / Vista 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i3-4160, 4GHz or AMD FX-6350, 4GHz
Video: Nvidia GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 26 GB available space
Additional Notes:
* PC Games for Steam may be updated to “Pro” edition for additional content and gameplay


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