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“We’ve created this new motion capture technology which captures the real-life movements of 22 footballers while playing a high-intensity match, at high speed, in the most extreme way possible,” said FIFA Executive Producer David Rutter. “We’ve been able to take data from all 22 of those athletes and then simulate all their on-ball actions, aerial duels, tackles and more – so the gameplay on FIFA 22 is even more realistic.”

HyperMotion technology is the result of two years of research, and is now being used by clubs, coaches and analysts on the world stage. It allows players to be more aggressive on the ball and also more physically demanding, and this allows the game to be realistic and fluid. “This technology will provide FIFA with a variety of new features which will fundamentally change how we play the game,” said David Rutter. “I’d like to see players more aggressive on the ball, and with the new HyperMotion, players will have more freedom on the ball while maintaining the ability to make the game look more like real-life football.”

Player Efficiency Rating (PER) is a measure of total offensive and defensive play impact on a team’s level of success. Players perform better on the field when they have the ball in their hands more often. If a player plays on one of the team’s two possession teams on many possessions, that player will receive a lower score compared to the same player on a possession team that only receives the ball once in the game. These scores allow us to see players’ efficiency levels while also taking into account the duration of possessions, opponent difficulty level, and the team’s score (fancy saying that. sorry, couldn’t resist).

Click here to learn more about FIFA 22’s new Player Efficiency Rating statistic.

All three of the ratings stats discussed above are based on data taken directly from the game. FIFA head of technology Gabriel Gaunce said: “Player ratings are one of the most popular metrics in the game, but they’re often accompanied by a high level of controversy around which stats are actually accurate or true.”

“The problem with player ratings is that they’re predominantly based on perceived quality or ability rather than actual performance.”

“We’ve designed Player Intelligence, which encapsulates the most important data points from the game and then uses machine learning to quantify real-life player performance.”

FIFA head of technology Gabriel


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Hyper-Realistic Player Movement
  • Transformation: On-Field Tactics in both Career and Player modes
  • More Kicks, Throws, Tackle and Aerial duels
  • Crafted, authentic-looking stadiums
  • Master League of Legends with Liga MX and expand your Orange Dream Team
  • New Formation System for club managers
  • New Progressive Graphics for Competition, Skill and Substitutions
  • A new ‘Hjemme’ gameplay mode for 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and FUT Shell games
  • A new set of visuals for fans at Ibra to see their favourite Brazilian players in different lighting conditions and terrains.
  • New ‘Uber Pro’ and ‘National Team’ gameplay modes
  • The UEFA Pro Clubs and National Teams debut in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League
  • Brand-new Tactical Defending System to address teams playing higher pressing in defense, with the introduction of the ‘sandwich’ defense.
  • FIFA’s most realistic passing system, Ball Physics and Player Trajectories
  • Tackles and Aerials are made more realistic. You can also pass the ball along the ground and make more coordinated, top-down shots


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EA SPORTS FIFA on an epic scale, FIFA returns with intuitive, explosive gameplay and FIFA 17 features, giving fans unprecedented control and innovation in all facets of the game. With the most authentic, high-fidelity gameplay on any platform, FIFA reaches new heights with innovative gameplay, new modes, new features, and the ability to play across multiple platforms.
EA SPORTS FIFA is the cornerstone of EA SPORTS’ videogame brand and the world’s leading football franchise. When it comes to sports games, FIFA is the granddaddy. With hundreds of millions of active and passionate players, FIFA is the platform of choice for millions of sports fans around the world, where a passion for football is taken to the next level.
EA SPORTS FIFA delivers the most authentic and exciting football experiences in the world, with the most authentic, high-fidelity gameplay, the most realistic player animations, and the most precise ball control and placement ever.
FIFA on Xbox One will be the first EA SPORTS video game platform on Microsoft’s powerful new hardware and will include new features for the next generation.
You can download FIFA Ultimate Team on your Xbox One as soon as the game is available in North America.
FIFA 17 on Xbox One includes the Ultimate Team mode, FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and all-new Story Mode features. Also available in the Xbox One Game Library.
FIFA Ultimate Team is back and better than ever! In Ultimate Team, you can create a team of your favorite players, earn rewards by playing matches and completing challenges, improve your team with Training Sessions and compete with friends on Xbox Live.
Matchday is back and better than ever! Now in career mode, you and your friends can create a custom club from over 100 teams, compete in the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League, and earn more money as your team advances. FIFA 17 features an entirely new Career Mode, including new off-the-field movement and personal tactics, new managers and player-improvement enhancements, more than 100 player classes, and strategic changes to make the game more accessible to casual players.
FIFA 17 will be available in select regions on Xbox 360 on 9 September 2016.

For a full list of FIFA 17 features, check out the FUT Developer Community!

What is FIFA’s secret sauce?

How does FIFA work?

Select your team

Control and master your team, whether it’s playing online or training

Discover opportunities and play to your strengths


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A brand new way to own and play as your favourite players, through Ultimate Team – an all-new way to compete for dominance in the game with the FIFA Ultimate Team. Be the best manager and the best player and compete alongside and against your friends in real-time matches to create your dream team.

FIFA Mobile –
Compete head to head as a real-life player or to go mano a mano with your friends, all in FIFA Mobile, a new game genre built entirely from the ground-up for the mobile experience. FIFA Mobile is free to download and is the ultimate game for mobile in FIFA.

Online Multiplayer – Play against your friends or foes in the online modes including FIFA Ultimate Team.

On Thursday, May 25th, 2018 EA SPORTS will unveil FIFA 19 World Cup™ qualifiers at the FIFA 19 World Cup™ Fan Event, which will take place at 9 p.m. PT on EA SPORTS’ Twitch channel. Fans will be able to watch the FIFA 19 World Cup qualifiers for all 6 regions and access all 7 games from qualifying.

Fans will have the opportunity to watch live for free for all matches and demos of FIFA 19. Fans will need to log in to their Twitch account and have a free Twitch Prime subscription to watch, or purchase the FIFA 19 World Cup Fan Pack to unlock all games in qualifying. If you have not already, be sure to purchase the FIFA 19 World Cup Fan Pack, offering fans the opportunity to support their favourite teams and players in the upcoming tournament.

FIFA 19 has over 200 official kits. Players are now able to further personalize their kits by choosing from distinct silhouettes and unique colours – with two-dozen new kits coming to FIFA 19 this summer. Players will have the ability to play in a number of exciting new ways on the pitch with revolutionary new player and team skills. The most immersive FIFA to date has new animation, new visuals, improved ball physics, and is packed with new features and improvements to deliver the best gameplay, on and off the pitch.

The weekly updates will add new players to online customisable Ultimate Teams, weapons, and give updates to the Community Goals System, formations and friendlies. All players’ ratings and attributes can be customized with the new Ratings & Attributes systems and customise their player’s look through player customization.

Around the World new tournaments will add


What’s new:

  • Better player movement, improved animation, and more balanced team play.
  • The all-new FOX Engine brings a pristine 1080p performance and cool new ways to tackle the toughest challenges.
  • All-new Frostbite engine that brings all new amazing visual effects, lighting, and breathtaking new environments to FIFA.
  • New deeper and more tactical game modes; earn UEFA Champions League tickets; compete as an international manager in the new International Champions Cup and more.
  • Dynamic Leaderboards that track every personal best, aiming to be the most competitive most rewarding experience in sports gaming.


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FIFA means world football. Experience the world of football. Create. Compete. Connect.

FIFA 22 delivers the authentic experience of playing the beautiful game of football at the top level. Enjoy a new, deeper gameplay engine, including all-new playmaker movement and ball physics. New stadiums deliver the authentic atmosphere from around the globe. And FIFA Ultimate Team unlocks the potential of more than 10 million players to create and share their very own MLS moments.

Football. Global. Passionate. Unpredictable.

Football is a sport that transcends borders and transcends generations. Whether you’re watching or playing, FIFA brings the excitement of this world’s beautiful game to you in unparalleled ways. Through innovation like ball physics that truly reflect real-world movement, access to more depth than ever before, an authentic all-new engine, and gameplay improvements like defending and goal celebrations, FIFA 22 is the most realistic experience of the beautiful game of football.

Football. Passionate. Globally connected.

A global football community.

From stadium chips to players, the FIFA community has grown to billions of players around the globe. Use #YourFIFA to show off your passion for your favorite team, spread your message or join a conversation about soccer with fellow fans.

Enhance the way you play. Change the way you think.

Life imitates FIFA. Now play imitates life. Skill progression and in-game team management are now more intuitive than ever before. Create a club in Team Management. Play matches in the Keeper Challenge. And find that one-on-one training session in Training.

MLS Moments. Authentic. Only on FIFA.

The MLS seasons have officially begun. Get the authentic MLS experience with all-new motion data, celebrations and coaching skills for players like David Villa.

Play with the World’s Best.

With Authentic Player Movement and all-new Ball Physics, FIFA 22 delivers authentic player movement by capturing the movements of players in real world conditions. Get further into the game with new technical skills and signature ball touches like the toe poke, dribble and ball fake.

The all-new FIFA 22 Engine

The all-new FIFA 22 Engine introduces the most dramatic overhaul of the core gameplay experience in the history of the franchise.

Big Ball Physics — The new FIFA engine is powered by breakthrough big ball physics technology, which has been incorporated to create


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System Requirements:

PC Minimum System Requirements:
Requires a Pentium or equivalent processor, Windows 7 or Windows 8, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 2 GB of video RAM (graphics processing unit).
MAC Minimum System Requirements:
OS X 10.9 or later (requires either a 512 MB graphics card, or a graphics card with a power-efficient Intel HD 4000/5000 integrated graphics processor)
Linux Minimum System Requirements:
Requires a 2.0 GHz or faster processor
Linux can be built and run on any architecture with an x86-


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