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Apr 27, 2015

and all the active objects. I opened in Windows 10 64-bit Home and now all the active objects are greyed out, and even when I do select them I can’t do anything.
AutoCAD 2010 version 9.0 update 2 – problems
may be related to
can’t open autocad drawing file in windows 10
AutoCAD 2010 access violations?
May 8, 2015
Two programs first, Autocad 2010 for Mac and Autocad 2010 for Windows. Then the problem. I run Autocad 2010 on Windows 10.
…installation of autocad 2010 on windows 10
Sep 12, 2019
AutoCAD 2010 is NOT compatible with Windows 10. Don’t buy the software thinking it will work!
Autocad 2010 Single-Window Mode
Apr 6, 2013
A “Single-Window Mode” is available if you’re to get down to using just a single window to work in. You can switch between the ribbon tab and the window tab. You can select the libraries from one side, but you can’t open the drawing on the other side.
Mac vs Windows support – Ask the Community!
Aug 29, 2011
I have the project open, I have Windows on my computer running VMWare Desktop, but my Autocad in Mac. My question is how do I get autocad to work in a Windows VM?
Autocad 2010 is not updating from what I am seeing.
Nov 5, 2015
I have a lot of drawing files that I would like to go to 2010 since most of them were originally in AutoCAD LT. With AutoCAD LT there were no problems with AutoSnap in Windows 10. I have been trying to get one of the files to the new 2010 release, however, AutoSnap is.
Evaluating the platform compatibility of AutoCAD 2010, LT for Windows
Nov 19, 2014
I have Autocad 2010 LT for Windows installed on Windows 8.1. Whenever I try to open a drawing file in Autocad 2010 or AutoCad 2011, it always shows the message “The linked object isn’t currently available.” Also, I would like to point out that Autocad works fine in my virtual window. Thank you for your help.
Compatibility of AutoCAD 2010 with Windows 10.
Nov 2, 2016
Autocad 2010 does not work in Windows 10.


Is there anything that can be done to unlock it? The activation code on the cd does not work, it gives me a.
Has anyone been able to bypass this using a CD key? Like the serial number you can paste it in the activation window if i open up my C# file.
How to use the command “activate from the CD”? Some.
May 11, 2015. Hi, I have tried this activation using it’s CD key but it didn’t work out. Although I have the serial number.
. (I added 500MB to the disk) I did the same, but with a different and different serial number ( I checked. 8967/ 9292/ 9291/ 9292/ 9293/ 9294.
. Whats the issue? It says I can’t activate a cd. Autocad 2011 serial key, activation code and serial numbers. How to activate AutoCAD 2010 Trial License on new machine?
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Oct 17, 2015. autocad: How to crack autocad 2010 and serial number? How to crack autocad 2010 and serial number. Post any help.
If you look, you will see the serial number, which is embedded into the ISO image. How to activate AutoCAD using serial number?. Is there a way to activate a license using a serial number and then.
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