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Picture Viewer (formerly Pic Viewer) [Win/Mac]

Picture Viewer is a free app for Windows. Mac owners can try the same app under the name PicMgr, but it seems that it’s not part of the Mac App Store.

Table of content:

What’s in Picture Viewer?

Simple yet efficient image viewer that focuses on the image list and not the preview screen.

How does it work?

Picture Viewer hosts an image list on the left side and a full-screen preview on the right side. When you select an image, you get offered a variety of actions that you can perform on it.

From left to right:


These are the image’s details


These settings are specific to the current image. These are described in detail in the app’s Help.

You can use the settings and tools to change colors, contrast, lighting, saturation and apply a few basic filters.


This feature allows you to create a slideshow with a single press of the mouse. You can pick multiple images, and they will all appear on the screen.

Beyond these features, you can actually do a few more things:

Edit (write) text

Draw simple shapes like rectangles, ellipses, circles and the like.

Zoom in and out of the image.

Rotate the image left or right.

Trickster Tool

Picture Viewer comes with a very powerful tool called the Trickster Tool, which is a cross between a zoom tool and a rotation tool. This tool is very, very useful and can be very effective in editing pictures.

You can manipulate the image by rotating it, zooming in and out, flattening it and even flipping it horizontally and vertically.

In the menu above the image, you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and many other properties.

Image Editor

Picture Viewer includes an image editor, which is quite basic. You can perform most operations here, such as rotating, resizing, mirroring, cropping and a few more things.

But again, you don’t have many options to change things like brightness, contrast, saturation and a few other properties.

Editing Options

This is where the real power of the app comes to play. Picture Viewer allows you to perform a few more edits here than the simple image editor mentioned above.

You can adjust colors

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Picture Viewer is a handy, simple image viewer that you can use to view
and crop images. It features a variety of user-friendly filters and
image enhancement tools. The program is lightweight, and uses only the
minimum of system resources. This makes Picture Viewer ideal for use on
slow PCs and slower network computers.

Download Picture Viewer (Old Version)

Picture Viewer (Old Version) Downloads: 5,8 Million

File Size: 8.2 Mb

Download Picture Viewer (Current Version)

Picture Viewer (Current Version) Downloads: 1,1 Million

File Size: 15.3 Mb

Click on the above buttons to download the (old).zip and (current).exe files.

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Picture Viewer (formerly Pic Viewer) Crack [Win/Mac]

Picture Viewer is an easy-to-use image viewer for your PC. It supports most image formats commonly used, including jpeg, tiff, gif, png, bmp, WMF, EMF, 3D, SVG, PSD, and EPS. With PVP, you can see and select image thumbnails, quickly browse through image lists, save multiple images, play image animation slideshows, and much more.
Key Features:

Sample images (backstage view)

Image history and tag system (automatic tag labels)

Image zoom and rotation

Image mirroring

Image cropping

Image rotation

Image resizing

Image collage

Image drag and drop

Automatically zoom to fit the entire image

Easy image animation slideshow

Image filtering effects (Sharpen, Convolve, Emboss, Ripple and Blur)

Auto-save and auto-export

Image details

Gif to jpg/png converter (fully compatible with Gif2png)

Slide show creator

Image toodler creator

User-friendly interface

Can be embedded (full-screen mode) or stand-alone

Unlimited image downloads

Why You Should Try It:

1. Compact and lightweight

2. Facilitates image handling quickly and easily

3. The best image viewer for all PCs

Picture Viewer Screenshots:

Picture Viewer is a small application which does what it says it should do. While it is not a complex image viewer, it does what it does and is otherwise good for its function, and given the price, it is well worth a try.
Download at Sourceforge

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What’s New In Picture Viewer (formerly Pic Viewer)?

The software tool used to view and edit pictures.

Picture Viewer 6.2.1 Change Log :

Version 6.2.1 :
-Some issues fixed in the software.

All supported Windows OS versions :

Microsoft Corporation (

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher
2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core 2 Duo or better
4 GB of RAM
80 GB of free disk space
For use on older Mac OS X system, please use the Mac OS X 10.4 or later update.
*The game is still playable on older Mac OS X system, but the display and sound might work improperly.
Mac OS X 10.8 or later update (10.9 or higher recommended) is required to play with all features.Despite the