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GAC Explorer [32|64bit]

GAC Explorer Activation Code is a powerful tool that helps you to perform following operations:
*GAC/MSI Assembly Download and Install from Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
*GAC Assembly Download and Install from Local Machine Assembly Cache
*Copy Assemblies from GAC(Remotely in Global Assembly Cache) to Local Assembly Cache
*Other Assemblies and Tools
*Manage and Export GAC/MSI/Assembly Types
*Paste Imported Assemblies from Local Assembly Cache to GAC
*Create Custom Search Path for GAC
*Delete Assemblies from GAC
*Attach GAC to local machine using WIX, WiX or MSI
*Expert Mode to control GAC Explorer to perform above operations
*MSI Installation Component used to Install GAC Explorer as a prerequisite
*Drag & Drop Files on Toolbar and Context Menu
*Go to Definition(s) and Go To Implementation(s) for Selection.
*Search for Assemblies on GAC Explorer, Go to Assembly Installed in GAC
*Create Custom Search Path for GAC Explorer
*Backup and Restore GAC Explorer Settings
GAC Explorer Main Features:
* Install GAC Explorer as a prerequisite from MSI Installer.
* Install File(s) from GAC Explorer using command prompt or.bat files from Executable Files.
* Export Assemblies from GAC Explorer to Local Machine.
* Copy Assemblies from Local Machine to GAC.
* Search for Assemblies on GAC Explorer.
* New Project Wizard allows to create new project to download/install the assemblies.
* Multiple Search Paths for different GACs(remote and local), currently supports remote GAC and local GAC.
* You can check what’s in the GAC Explorer Toolbar without opening GAC Explorer.
* User Authentication can be used to prevent another process to browse and make changes to GAC Explorer settings.
* Exported Assemblies get system account credentials applied to authenticate it for download/install.
* Delete Assemblies from GAC or Export Assemblies to Local Machine using Permissions.
* Browse Assemblies in GAC Explorer using File Explorer, right-click on the assembly, select which file, if any, you want to download and install.
* Read and Write permissions for assemblies
* Delete Assemblies from GAC Explorer using Delete.
* Disable/Enable

GAC Explorer (2022)

Supports.NET 4.0 version GAC. (Supports only Framework Versions 3.5 and higher)
Supports to copy assemblies directly to the Clipboard or to some Folder in Local Machine.
Supports multiple instances in Local Machine.
Supports Copy Method (c#) and Copy Method (vb)
Supports decompile assemblies.
Supports to decompile private assemblies.
Supports to decompile dynamically loaded assemblies.
Supports to decompile dotfuscated assemblies.
Supports batch operation to decompile multiple assemblies at a time.
Supports Remove (Method or Property)
Supports To List the assemblies that could be copied (either from GAC or by given path).
Supports To Delete the assemblies that could be copied (either from GAC or by given path)
Supports To Upload the decompiled assemblies to GAC.
Supports To Upload the decompiled assemblies to GAC by using IIS (by using HTTP POST Method).
Supports to decompile non-GAC assemblies.
Supports to decompile.NET 1.x
Supports to decompile.NET 4.0
Supports to decompile.NET 4.5
Supports to decompile.NET 4.5.1
Supports to decompile.NET 4.5.2
Supports to decompile.NET 4.6
Supports to decompile.NET 4.6.1
Supports to decompile.NET 4.7
Supports to decompile.NET 4.7.1
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.1
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.2
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.3
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.4
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.5
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.6
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.7
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.8
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.9
Supports to decompile.NET 4.8.10
Supports to decompile.NET 4.9
Supports to decompile.NET 4.9.1
Supports to decompile.NET 4.9.2
Supports to decompile.NET

GAC Explorer With Keygen

1- It Contains built-in default “tools” like Folder Selector, Paste Assembly(s) into Default Folder (Since they are not loaded into GAC Explorer with SDK main Assembly).
2- Fixed GAC Explorer for all editions of.NET framework (You can find its GUI in your SDK folder)
3- You can get the Filename of an assembly that not loaded into GAC Explorer (Since the assembly is not part of GAC Explorer’s SDK).
4- Supports the.NET Framework 3.5(new Version only).
5- It downloads assemblies from the Global Assembly Cache, which enables you to use new features like Scripting, Localization or Serialization of assemblies.
6- It doesn’t add the Assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (for security reason).
7- You can specify the GAC root folder.
8- The easy way to use GAC Explorer:
— Use a shortcut to GAC Explorer.
— Specify the path to the Global Assembly Cache root folder, like “C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies”
— Or use Copy Assembly(s) to Clipboard, folder, disk, or network share:
— Specify the location to copy the assembly(s) to.
— Or use Browse Feature to create a GAC Explorer path.
— Also if you using 64bit Operating System you can have a separate folder for each GAC Cache.Beyond loopy: the driving force for the first description of loopy-inducing assembly codes.
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What’s New in the?

GAC Explorer is an application that is specially developed to aid Global Assembly Cache (GAC) explorer.Net Developers/Architects. It contains features like Copy Assembly(s) to Clipboard/Copy to some Folder in Local Machine.

The best part is that GAC Explorer supports.Net 4.0 GAC structures.

Unique features of GAC Explorer:

Provides Unique features like TreeView and Panel properties for easily locating assemblies and extracting information.

Special focus on the navigation pane to explore assemblies residing in the GAC and even on the list of extracted files of that assembly.

Shows assembly/item details like Name, Version, Location, PublicKeyToken, and FullName.

Provides unique visual effect for displaying treeview to make navigation more user friendly.

Provides unique features like property Window, Files and Folders to navigate through the GAC.

Provides Unique feature of updating/updating contents in a file/folder of the GAC every 10 seconds.

.NET 4.0 Support:

GAC Explorer is developed by using.Net framework 4.0. So it will work perfectly well with.Net 4.0/3.5 frameworks.

““The software was installed in under 10 minutes and I was easily able to retrieve and show (view) all GAC entries including the secondary and redirection entries. The user interface is nice and friendly, which made GAC Explorer easy to use. I would recommend this software to all my.NET developers/architects and everyone else.””


19th July, 2009

Demo Video

Latest releases and downloads

Version 2.5.0

Added support for.NET Framework 4.0 in gac explorerSeverity and relapse of oral lichen planus: A retrospective analysis of 80 cases.
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System Requirements:

·Requires a Windows® 7/8/10 (x64 only) installation
·8 GB RAM (minimum)
·512 GB available hard-disk space (minimum)
·DirectX® 11
·Screen resolution at least 1600×900
·Gamepad (XBox 360® gamepad recommended)
·Internet connection for one-time required install of The Darkness II
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