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Folder Archiver Crack Free Download

Folder Archiver allows the user to choose their own settings for creating archives. This makes Folder Archiver as flexible a tool as WinRAR is for archiving files and folders. Folder Archiver is a file archiver with support for ZIP and RAR files. It allows you to create archives from multiple folders or subfolders located in a single folder. It gives you the option to specify one or more folders/subfolders to be archived. Once the archive is created, you can recover any files at a later time. The only missing features of WinRAR are to have the ability to compress individual folders or subfolders and the ability to delete archived files on the recovery.

Compression methods supported:
■ 7Zip
■ ZIP Format
■ LZ
■ ZIPX Format
■ 7Zip Format
■ ZIP Format with RAR and LZX compression
■7Zip Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ ZIPX Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ LZ Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ 7Zip Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ ZIPX Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ LZX Format with RAR and LZX compression
■ ZIP Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ LZX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ 7Zip Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ 7Zip Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ ZIPX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression
■ LZX Format with ZIPX and RAR compression

Ease Of Use

Folder Archiver is very easy to use and automatically save all archiving settings when you start the application. It automatically selects the correct configuration on the first start for archive types that the program supports.

Folder Archiver Crack + Activator Free [2022-Latest]

Folder Archiver is a small, easy to use and affordable archiving solution. It allows you to archive multiple folders as RAR or ZIP archives and, when all archives have been created, it automatically removes the archives from the disc and deletes the files from the disk.

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Folder Archiver Free

Folder Archiver is a program that helps you automate file archiving. It lets you create rar/zip files for folders/subfolders/files and saves into a specified location. It is an easy-to-use folder archiver.
Its main feature is that it can be used to archive multiple folders at once. Also, you can archive folders with files as well. It has an advanced user-friendly interface. It supports all versions of Windows (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and 2007) and can be used on your local hard disk or removable devices such as CD/DVD.
One of the most attractive features is it’s fully automated file archiving. Use Folder Archiver and you will have hundreds or even thousands of archives created automatically in a matter of few seconds.
You can also select folders as well as individual files in the archive and create new archives of specific date/time stamp. It also has a customizable feature that lets you change the configuration.
Folder Archiver is the perfect solution for professionals who need to archive and store large amount of data for long periods of time.
Folder Archiver offers a clear and detailed user-friendly interface that helps you create archives with ease. It also lets you browse files, folders and subfolders on your local hard disk. You can always save the changes manually.
It is a smart solution for users who need to archive lots of folders.
Change themes:
With this basic feature, you will have a convenient way of browsing folders and files. Browse the folder structure by selecting options such as custom file types, custom folder types, sorting, filtering, list views and so on. Also, you can browse folders and files by date. You will also get a preview of the files which gives you a quick idea of what will be archived, what date/time will be attached to it, and what will be archived.
When a new archive is created, you can view the progress of the process, check the settings, and even delete archived files that were not archived properly. If necessary, you can re-create an archive.
Having said that, it comes with a fairly user-friendly interface. There are a lot of controls that make it easy to browse, create and archive folders.
How to use Folder Archiver:
1. Extract files from the RAR or ZIP archive using WinRAR. Make sure that RAR or ZIP files are extracted to the same folder

What’s New in the Folder Archiver?

folder archive manager for winrar 100% clean and safe remove unwanted files from your computer. The powerful file archiver will archive all the folder/file in a designated folder into a single archive.
We can forget about uninstalling folder archiver for windows which will show all the folder including system folders. Folder archiver will unpack all the folder/file into a single archive whether it is archive or zip or rar…
Folder Archiver allows the user to specify where WinRAR executable is located, archive type (Rar or Zip) and whether to delete files when the archive has been created. Folder archiver includes progress bar.
Please visit for more info.
• Creates single or multizipped archive.
• Compresses or Uncompresses files and folder.
• Compresses Folders from sources to destination folders.
• Automatic or manual creation of archive.
• Compressing and uncompressing folders.
• Ability to compress and uncompress files.
• Support for RAR, Zip and CAB formats.
• Includes support for Unicode characters.
• Allows to create archives without password.
• ZIP Password protection support.
• Advanced interface.
• Compresses and Uncompresses files.
• Support for files and folders names longer than 255 characters.
• Support for subfolders.
• Supports Unicode characters.
• Supports to extract/unzipped/unarchived folders.
• Supports to copy or move folders.
• Supports to rename files.
• Supports to select specific file or folder.
• Supports to exclude files or folders.
• Supports to open a file or archive.
• Supports to download or upload files.
• Supports Drag and drop.
• Supports to search for files.
• Supports to change the file time/date/attributes.
• Supports to change the file security.
• Supports to Change the file name.
• Supports to encrypt files/folders.
• Supports to read and write archives.
• Supports to compress/uncompress files.
• Supports to select a folder in the list of archives.
• Supports to extract/unzip/unarchived files.
• Supports to rename a file/folder.
• Supports to open specific file or folder.
• Supports to open specific file or folder.
• Supports to create and rename archives.
• Supports

System Requirements For Folder Archiver:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, or i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD4000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 16 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes: Power requirements: Windows 7 operating system
Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7
Memory: 4 GB